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5 Grooming Mistakes Dog Owners Make

 People are apprehensive about grooming their dogs for fear of making a mistake. Mistakes happen, and your dog will forgive you, but we’re here to give you some tips on how to avoid grappling while grooming.


1.     Prep to Avoid the Stress

Take a cue from the boy scouts — be prepared. Prior to bath time, get organized to reduce stress for you and your dog, for example:

  • Take him for a brisk walk to release…

The Benefits of Home Grooming

Proper grooming is the key to a healthier, happier dog. Both you and your dog can start enjoying the many benefits of grooming at home. Here are some advantages and great dog grooming tips:

  • It’s affordable and practical
    Save money and time by dealing with your dog’s needs on your schedule. Avoid costly and anxiety-producing trips to the vet by learning how to take care of small problems at home.
  • It builds trust
    Develop a consistent bond with your dog. You’ll spend more time together and he’ll learn to trust you to care for him.
  • It helps you stay in touch with your dog’s health
    Most importantly, home grooming is the best way to stay aware of any changes to your dog’s health. Caring for your dog’s coat, nails, teeth, ears and eyes allows you to keep track of new health concerns and check for abnormalities in your dog’s appearance and attitude. 

When done regularly and correctly, home grooming develops a bond with your dog that strengthens in time, making it a special activity to share. With some simple tips and expert advice, you can make sure your dog stays healthy and happy.


Grooming advice from head to paw

With the right tools, some helpful instructions and the bond you already share, you can easily handle almost all your dog’s home grooming needs. That’s why we’re here. We will show you how to 

  • Brush your dog effectively
  • Bathe your dog without a struggle
  • Clip and trim hair
  • Clip nails painlessly
  • Brush teeth and keep them healthy
  • Check and maintain healthy, unobstructed eyes and ears.  

If you follow our tips, home grooming will not only become more convenient, it will become a special way to share more with your dog.