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Q: How frequently should I clean my dog's ears? What should I use?

A: Give your dog’s ears a complete cleaning and thorough inspection every week. Floppy ears usually require more attention than pricked ears. Moisten a cotton ball or cloth with mineral oil, olive oil or witch hazel and gently wipe the inside of the ears. It’s dangerous to use a cotton swab, which can damage the delicate inner ear if he suddenly jerks his head.

Suesan Watson

Our Expert

Suesan Watson

With nearly four decades of remarkable expertise in the field of pet grooming, Suesan’s got all of the know-how to help you with each of your grooming how-to’s.


 People are apprehensive about grooming their dogs for fear of making a mistake. Mistakes happen, and your dog will forgive you, but we’re here to give you some tips on how to avoid grappling while grooming.


1.     Prep to Avoid the Stress

Take a cue from the boy scouts…


Don’t make your pooch miss the festivities, he’s part of the family too, in fact, it’s becoming more and more common for dogs to be included in family holiday celebrations.


Grooming to Get the Job Done

We get it – it’s a busy time of year (i.e., buying and wrapping presents, grocery…

Little touch ups can make a big difference in your dog’s appearance.

Your pup can go from looking groomed to grown-out in a matter of weeks. When things start looking awry, do yourself – and your dog – a favor with a quick clean up. Grooming doesn’t have to happen quite as often, or be such a big job, with some simple grooming maintenance on key…

Dig the Dog Park? 5 Tips to Play it Safe

As most dog owners can attest — sometimes a walk around the block just won’t cut it. That’s why it’s important to find new ways for your pup to get the exercise he craves. For example, dog parks are not only enjoyable for you and your dog, but the activity supports your dog’s health and well-being. What’s more, it’s a way to exert excess…

Grooming for the Seasons

The benefits of grooming your dog are boundless, from helping to form a special bond to staying on top of their health issues. And while grooming is recommended year-round, each season comes with its own challenges. Thankfully there are tips and tricks to help you be a seasoned dog owner, no matter the time of year:

The temperatures have dropped,…